Nupqu seeks Directors

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June 12, 2018
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December 6, 2020

Are you interested in working with a growing natural resource company to provide strategic direction? Applicants to its Board of Directors are being sought before July 10th.

Legal Name: Nupqu Limited Partnership

Year Established: 2009

Mandate: The Nupqu Limited Partnership’s scope of business includes professional/technical services in the following disciplines:

  • Forestry;
  • Environmental;
  • Health and safety; and
  • Contract management services.


Nupqu Limited Partnership (Nupqu) was formed as a vehicle for the Ktunaxa Nation to capture wealth, economic, employment, capacity development and other benefits from natural resource industrial activity within the Traditional Territory.

Previously known as Kootenay Indian Enterprises, and from 1997-2009 as Ktunaxa Kinbasket Development Corporation, Nupqu was incorporated in 2009 as a stand-alone business entity. Through its limited partnership corporate structure, Nupqu is owned by Ktunaxa Holdings Limited Partnership (KHLP). The end beneficiaries of Nupqu’s business activities are all four First Nation Communities that comprise the Ktunaxa Nation as well, as a 20% share held by the Ktunaxa Nation Council (KNC).

Nupqu employees have a strong reputation for providing quality service in the resource industries throughout the region; employing many recognized and certified natural resource professionals and technicians. Nupqu’s dynamic work-force offers a broad range of employment opportunities and professional and career development for Ktunaxa Nation members. The business operates out of two regional offices, one in the Aqam community just outside of Cranbrook and one in the town of Fernie.

Directors on the Nupqu Board will have a unique opportunity to be involved in a wide variety of business development and wealth generation opportunities for the benefit of the Ktunaxa Nation. Nupqu has access to leverage multiple industry relationship agreements, business proposals, and partnership propositions.  Nupqu’s shareholders are looking forward to working with individuals who are passionate about the opportunities for the Nation and will be able to meet the responsibilities and requirements outlined below.

Director’s Roles and Responsibilities

The board’s role is to represent, and promote the interests of, Nupqu shareholders with the intent to add long-term value to the shares.

The board is responsible for all overarching business affairs of Nupqu, as well as the direction of Nupqu’s General Manager. In particular, the board is responsible for:

  • ensuring Nupqu’s goals are clearly established, and strategies are in place for achieving them;
  • establishing governance policies for strengthening the performance of Nupqu including ensuring the General Manager is proactively seeking to build and grow the business;
  • monitoring the performance of the General Manager, setting the terms of their employment agreement, and, where necessary, terminating their employment and appointing a replacement;
  • deciding on whatever steps are necessary to protect Nupqu’s financial position;
  • ensuring Nupqu adheres to high standards of ethics and corporate behaviour; and
  • ensuring Nupqu has appropriate risk management/regulatory compliance policies in place.

Board Meetings and Time Commitment

The board normally meets for one half day per quarter, as decided by quorum of the board. Additional meetings will be held as required. 

Meetings usually take place at the Nupqu’s office in Cranbrook, BC.

In addition to routine board meetings, you should allow time for additional meetings as the occasion may require, as well as preparatory work and travel.


Nupqu directors will be remunerated for their time, as determined by KHLP.

Director Requirements

In order to qualify as a Director of Nupqu individuals must:

  • qualify as a director under the legislation of the relevant jurisdiction;
  • be of good character, credibility and reputation; and
  • be business-minded with business experience.

Preferred Director Areas of Expertise

The preferred areas of expertise of Nupqu directors are:

  • forestry;
  • environmental consulting;
  • business and project management;
  • mining;
  • occupational health and safety; and
  • have an understanding of Ktunaxa Interests.

How to submit a proposal

Please submit a cover letter and resume no later July 10th, 2019 to Heather Burrows, Project and Administration Coordinator, Economic and Investment Sector, Ktunaxa Nation Council at

Feel free to contact Heather Burrows with any questions or for further information at the email above or at 250-489-2464 ext. 4059.