Community Building


Nupqu is proudly owned by the four communities that makeup the Ktunaxa Nation along with the umbrella Ktunaxa Nation Council Society. Nupqu, means black bear in the Ktunaxa language. The company logo is a bear paw that has four claws which represent each of the four community shareholders, ʔakink̓umǂasnuqǂiʔit, ʔaq'am, yaqan nukiy, and ʔakisq'nuk.

Nupqu is building healthy community through its foundational role in a thriving Ktunaxa Nation economy. Nupqu is empowering Ktunaxa members with opportunities to develop technical, team and leadership skills to that contribute to meaningful careers and strong communities. The Nupqu team employs members from each of the four communities that makeup the Ktunaxa Nation, fostering productive relationships across the territory.