Nupqu’s professional and technical environmental staff provides a variety of on-site monitoring, surveys and assessment work across different industries.

Nupqu and Ausenco Sustainability

We have aligned our services since 2018 with Ausenco Sustainability , a full-service, environmental consultancy that offers a range of services in Environmental Planning and Ecology, Community Engagement and Social Sciences, and Site Assessment and Remediation. Nupqu and Ausenco Sustainability have built a strategic business relationship that offers multiple benefits to our clients, projects, and communities. Our relationship continues to grow, helping us build mutual capacity while independently and jointly pursuing project opportunities supported by the right mix of staff on each project.
We also have sub-contracting and professional services agreements in place to support prompt service delivery with industry-standard safety programs and liability provisions in place.

Collective Capabilities

Our skilled employees have earned a proud reputation for providing quality services to organizations in the government and resource sectors throughout south- central BC. Nupqu employs certified natural resource professionals in forestry and environmental science. Our diverse work-force offers a broad range of experience and expertise while providing opportunities for career development to Aboriginal people within the region. Nupqu rounds out our team through strategic alliances with Hemmera and a network of additional registered professionals as project support needs arise.

GIS Services

  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Spatial data acquisition, management, analysis, and display
  • Cartography
  • Field GPS data collection
  • LiDAR interpretation

Environmental Assessment

  • Base line data collection and analysis
  • Project environmental assessment

Ecosystem Management

  • Inventory monitoring
  • Habitat assessment and mapping
  • Species at risk assessments
  • Fish Salvage
  • Invasive Plant inventory, treatment and monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

  • Water and soil quality
  • Construction
  • Invasive Plant inventory, treatment and monitoring
  • Terrestrial Monitoring
  • Aquatic monitoring