Qualified forest professionals and technicians provide a wide range of services in the forestry industry.


  • Wildfire suppression personnel
  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans
  • Wildfire Urban Interface fuel hazard assessments and mitigation plans


  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Spatial data acquisition, management, analysis, and display
  • Cartography
  • Field GPS data collection
  • LiDAR interpretation

Silviculture Surveys

  • Operational prescription development
  • Walkthrough, Regeneration and Free Growing Surveys,
  • Stand tending
  • Planting supervision

Forest Health

  • Forest Health management plan
  • Ground/aerial surveys
  • Fall and burn treatments
  • Bark beetle management using pheromones and traps
  • Danger tree assessment and falling
  • Provincial Forest health overview flights

Timber and Development

  • Timber Reconnaissance, Timber Evaluations
  • Full Phase Timber Development
    • Layout – Conventional & Cable Systems
    • Cruising & Appraisals - Call grade and net factoring
    • Riparian assessments,
    • Site plan preparation & Prescriptions
    • Harvest plans
    • Road development plans
    • Soil Disturbance Surveys