Qualified forest professionals and technicians provide a wide range of services in the forestry industry.


  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Spatial data acquisition, management, analysis, and display
  • Cartography
  • Field GPS data collection
  • LiDAR interpretation

Forest Health

  • Forest Health management plan
  • Ground/aerial surveys
  • Fall and burn treatments
  • Bark beetle management using pheromones and traps
  • Danger tree assessment and falling
  • Provincial Forest health overview flights

Vegetation management

  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Utility corridors and rights-of- way (powerline and pipeline) clearing and construction, slashing, piling, chipping and burning.
  • Invasive Plant inventory, treatment and monitoring

Wildfire / FireSmart

  • Wildfire suppression personnel
  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans
  • Wildfire Urban Interface fuel hazard assessments and mitigation plans
  • Rural property firesmart planning and treatment

Timber and Development

  • Timber Reconnaissance, Timber Evaluations
  • Full Phase Timber Development
    • Layout – Conventional & Cable Systems
    • Cruising & Appraisals - Call grade and net factoring
    • Riparian assessments,
    • Site plan preparation & Prescriptions
    • Harvest plans
    • Road development plans
    • Soil Disturbance Surveys
  • Silviculture Surveys
    • Operational prescription development
    • Walkthrough, Regeneration and Free Growing Surveys,
    • Stand tending
    • Planting supervision

Forest Tenure Management

Nupqu currently holds the Community Forest Agreement Tenure CFA – K1W on behalf of the Ktunaxa Nation on the Federal Dominion Coal Block property.

Located on the Federal Dominion Coal Block properties, the Community Forest is jointly managed with a unique arrangement between Nupqu (Ktunaxa Nation by extension), BC MFLNRO and Natural Resources Canada

We have provided management consulting services for other types of forest tenures, including First Nation woodlots and non-renewable forest licenses