Native Plants Nursery Contacts

About Us

Our Native Plant Nursery is the premier native plant nursery in the Southern Interior/Kootenay Region of British Columbia. We are a 100% aboriginal owned business and employ several First Nation and non-First Nation staff.

In addition to native plant propagation, we also offer re-vegetation planning and implementation services, as well as custom seed harvesting, cleaning, and propagation. When we collect seed for your project, we ensure that seed was collected from the correct ecosystem to further enhance the success of your project.

Our business is focused on providing native plant material that is local to your project and is suited for ecological restoration, reclamation, site remediation, and landscaping uses.


Our Address:

ʔaq̓am Community Lands

8425 LD Ranch/Mission Road
On St. Mary’s Reserve

Our Mailing Address:

PO Box 946
Cranbrook, BC
V1C 4J6

  • Open Monday to Friday 830am-430pm

Excluding Statutory Holidays

Phone: 250-427-7010

Our Staff

Nupqu Native Plants is 100% Aboriginal owned. We seek to maximize the personal development of our staff. 

Gerald Puhach

Operations Manager


Gerald joined Nupqu in May 2020 when Nupqu purchased the Nursery. Gerald moved from Manitoba to the Kootenays in 2016. Gerald brings over 20 years of management experience and over 45 years of growing experience.

Elise Urness

Lead Horticulturist, MSc, BIT

Elise recently completed her MSc in Biology at Carleton University in Ottawa looking at populations and distributions of rare plant species. Born and raised in BC, she has spent many years working in silviculture and reforestation as a tree planting foreman. Her passion for species at risk conservation, habitat restoration and reclamation make her a great fit for our Native Plants Division. At Nupqu Native Plants, Elise works as their lead horticulturist to plan the seed collection, germination, and propagation of over 40 species of native plants that we grow for a wide variety of reclamation projects across southern BC.