Environmental Projects

Teck Projects

Location: Elk Valley
Time Period: 2007 to Present
Average Annual Revenue: $2.5M

References: Lanny Amos - Teck Coal - Sparwood Operations
Jim Thorner, Sr. Environmental Officer, Teck Coal- Greenhills Operations.
Nick Manklow, Sr. Environmental Officer, Teck Coal - Coal Mountain Operations.
Jenny Hutchison, Sr. Environmental Officer, Teck Coal- Line Creek Operations

  • Water, Air and Soil Monitoring and Sampling
  • Data Management and Database Entry
  • Reclamation, Vegetation Control and Bioengineering Activities.
  • Property Boundary Field Identification and Marking
  • Construction and Development Environmental Monitoring
  • Noxious Weed Survey, Control and Reporting Activities
  • Aquatic Monitoring and Sampling

  • Bat Box Installation and monitoring
  • Construction Environmental Monitoring
  • Aquatic Monitoring

BC Hydro


Duncan Wildlife Monitoring

Location: Duncan Dam near Revelstoke, BC
Time Period: 2009 to 2013

Project Revenue: $150,000
Reference: Margo Dennis, Water License Requirements Study Lead, BC Hydro

  • document and monitor wildlife activity in the Duncan watershed in Meadow Creek, BC
  • the crew was tasked with identifying bird and wildlife use in cottonwood habitats in the Lower Duncan and Lardeau rivers as well as in the Duncan Reservoir
  • Ultimately, BC Hydro will use this long-term technical information to help inform their management of water levels in the area.

Crown Mountain

  • Nupqu field technicians collect water samples and record field observations from pre-determined sampling sites
  • the crew is periodically tasked with collecting stream flow data, downloading data logger information, and working with Dillon staff on installing and repairing the weather station
Clients: Dillon Consulting

Location: Elk Valley
Time Period: 2012 to Present
Average Annual Revenue: $60,000

Reference: Richard Pope, Partner, Dillon Consulting Limited. Richmond, BC

Exploration Projects Environmental Support

Client: Clients: Braveheart Resources, Dillon Consulting, Pacific American Coal

Time Period:

Project Revenue: $250,000/year

  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Exploration Environmental Monitoring
  • Baseline Data Collection