Forestry Services


Forestry Service Agreement

Clients: Canfor/Hushcroft/BC Timber Sales/Teck Coal

Location: Forest Resource Management – BC Division
Time Period: 2003 to Present

Average Annual Revenue: $550,000


  • Lloyd Havens, General Manager, Kootenay East Division
  • Grant Neville, First Nations and Planning Coordinator, Canfor FMG Kootenay
  • Greg Sword, Sr. Permitting Officer, Teck Coal Fording River Operations
  • Nupqu staff has provided professional forestry services to various major and minor forest licensee holders for more than 10 years. The numerous forestry services provided include:

    • Cutting and Road Permit Contract Administration.
    • Total Chance Planning and Field Reconnaissance.
    • Full Phase Timber Cruising - timber cruise design, plan submissions, field data collection, data summarization and check, and final submission.
    • Cutting and Road Permit Development.
    • Riparian and Wildlife Tree Patch Identification and Assessment.
    • Site and Harvest Plan Development.
    • Forest Health Surveys
    • Silviculture – surveys, survey checks, mapping and data management, RESULTS submissions
    • Road Inspections
    • Wildlife and Danger Tree Assessments
    • Vegetation Inventory
    • Evaluation of salvage opportunities.

    Product delivery and contractual arrangements of these diverse forest service agreements include: piece rate, day rate, hourly rate and lump sum contracts.

    Ktunaxa Nation Community Forest

    The Ktunaxa Nation Community Forest was established in 2004 as part of the Community Forest Pilot Program for a probationary term of 5 years. In 2009, on behalf of the Ktunaxa Nation, Nupqu applied for and was successful in receiving a long-term 25 year Community Forest Agreement. As per this agreement, Nupqu is responsible for ensuring all forest management activities within this area based tenure are in-line with government laws and regulations along with the commitments established under the approved Management Plan.

    Client: Ktunaxa Nation

    Location: Elk Valley
    Time Period: September 2004 to Present

    Average Annual Revenue: $42,400
    Reference: Kathryn Teneese, Tribal Chair, Ktunaxa Nation Council
    Ray Warden, Director Lands and Resources, Ktunaxa Nation Council

    Forests For Tomorrow

    Partner/Client: Arbourtech Forest Management/ Ministry of Forest and Range Forest for Tomorrow Program

    Location: Cranbrook and Invermere Forest Districts
    Time Period: 2007 to 2010

    Project Revenue: $2,100,000
    Reference: Oliver Thomae, Principal, Arbourtech Forest Management

    The FFT program primary focus is on regenerating wildfire and mountain pine beetle impacted forests throughout the Rocky Mountain and Invermere Forest Districts. Nupqu partnered with a local forest management consulting firm to deliver the complex and challenging set of goals. Nupqu employees were directly involved in managing and supervising the planting program; planning and conducting silviculture surveys; reporting spatial and tabular information to government and; carrying out over 3,000 ha of wildlife danger tree assessments and subsequent snag falling activities.

    BC Parks Ecosystem Restoration

    Nupqu Forest Professionals have worked with MOE ecosystem specialists and G. Berube Enterprises to design and implement Ecosystem Restoration Treatments at Premier Lake and Moyie Lake Provincial Parks. The project was a full phase contract that included planning, field design of roads and cutblocks; hand falling and slashing; mechanized harvest supervision and product marketing. Nupqu involvement in the project was facilitated through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Ministry of Environment and the Ktunaxa Nation. The MOU outlined the goals of capacity building of Nation citizens and a co-management initiatives for parks within the traditional territory that included implementing the Ktunaxa Nation Lands and Resources Stewardship Principles. The project was recognized for its success at the 2009 Premier’s Awards Ceremony.

    Client: Ministry of Environment

    Location: Premier Lake and Moyie Lake Provincial Parks
    Time Period: 2006 to 2010

    Project Revenue: $400,000
    Reference: Mike Gall, Ecosystem Specialist, Ministry of Environment

    First Nations Community Wildfire Protection

    Client: Ktunaxa Communities of
  • ʔakisq̓nuk – Columbia Lake (Windermere, BC)
  • ʔaq̓am – St. Mary’s (Cranbrook, BC)
  • ʔakink̓umǂasnuqǂiʔit – Tobacco Plains (Grasmere, BC)
  • yaqan nuʔkiy – Lower Kootenay (Creston, BC)
  • Location: Windermere, Cranbrook, Grasmere, Lower Kootenay
    Time Period: 2008 to present

    Project Revenue: $650,000
    Reference: Maureen Scott, Community Liaison Officer, Natural Resources Canada
    Jeff Eustache, Forest Fuel Management Liaison, First Nations’ Emergency Service Society

    Through support and guidance of First Nations Emergency Service Society (FNESS), Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), Nupqu Forest Professionals and staff have worked with the Ktunaxa communities to develop Community Wildfire Protection Plans, Fuel Management Prescriptions and Operational Fuel Treatments. The result has been a coordinated effort between the bands and Nupqu to implement fuel reduction treatments in and around homes within the communities and on Crown Forest lands adjacent to communities. These works have been completed primarily by Ktunaxa Nation members and have helped to mitigate the threat from wildfire to homes and communities, while building the capacity and expertise of Nation citizens.

    Transmission Line Right-Of-Way Vegetation Maintenance Program

    The Nupqu falling and slashing crew has been providing services to BC Hydro Vegetation Management group since 2000. In addition to the manual clearing of vegetation within BC Hydro transmission line corridors, the Nupqu crew has also undertaken piling and chipping of slashing debris and boundary marking.

    Client: BC Hydro

    Location: East Kootenay
    Time Period: 2000 to - Present.

    Average Annual Revenue: $99,000
    Reference: Bill Laflin , BC Hydro