We are Nupqu

Our Vision

A responsible, profitable corporation that contributes to our thriving Ktunaxa Nation economy.

We are Nupqu

Our Mandate

  • Identify and monetize potential economic opportunities
  • Provide sustainable economic benefit to Ktunaxa citizens, communities and businesses
  • Build and maintain partnerships, working agreements, and business relationships

In Our History and Profile

Nupqu provides professional land and resource management and the opportunity for industry and government to engage Ktunaxa Buisness in the Ktunaxa Traditional Territory. Our main office is located just outside the ʔaq̓am community north of Cranbrook, BC. We also have a second office located in downtown Fernie to support our operations in the Elk Valley.

Our employees, made up of many recognized and certified natural resource professionals, have a strong reputation of providing quality services in the resource industries throughout the region. Nupqu’s diverse work-force offers a broad range of certified experience and expertise while providing opportunities for professional and career development for Aboriginal people within the region.

From 1997 to 2009, Nupqu operated as the Ktunaxa Kinbasket Development Corporation. Nupqu was incorporated in 2009 as a independent business owned by the four communities of the Ktunaxa Nation and the Ktunaxa Nation Council Society. The five fingers of our bear paw logo exemplifies the five owners of the company while the paw pad symbolizing the importance of the Ktunaxa community as a whole in our the success of our mandate.

We continually explore new opportunities in economic development, resource-related ventures and other initiatives.

Key Benefits of our Services

In addition to working with an experienced, competitive and professional First Nation resource management consulting and contracting business, some of the major benefits provided to our clients include:

  • Ability to carry out business activities in association with a Ktunaxa business when working in the Traditional Territory
  • Meeting First Nation or Aboriginal corporate objectives
  • Access to cost-competitive, available, local and professionally trained work force
  • Consolidated project work by dealing with one contractor on a variety of project deliverables

Nupqu Limited Partnership is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace, compliance with governmental agencies, pertinent regulatory requirements, and our client’s practices and procedures. As a SAFE Company certified by the BC Forest Safety Council, our SAFE Certification provides business owners, managers, employees, contractors, partners and customers the assurance of knowing that a recognized and reviewed worker health and safety program is in place at all times.

Nupqu and Hemmera

We have recently aligned our services with Hemmera Envirochem Inc. (Hemmera), a full-service, boutique environmental consultancy that offers a range of services in Environmental Planning and Ecology, Community Engagement and Social Sciences, and Site Assessment and Remediation. Nupqu and Hemmera (a wholly owned subsidiary of Ausenco Engineering Canada Inc.) have built a strategic business relationship that offers multiple benefits to our clients, projects, and communities. Hemmera and Nupqu have been nurturing and formalizing this strategic alliance for more than three years. Our relationship continues to grow, helping us build mutual capacity while independently and jointly pursuing project opportunities supported by the right mix of staff on each project. We also have sub-contracting and professional services agreements in place to support prompt service delivery with industry-standard safety programs and liability provisions in place.
We are Nupqu

Our Management Team

The strength of the Nupqu management team stems from individual experience and expertise, clear functions and responsibilities and the ability to coordinate and collaborate with our partners and clients.